Our practice is Richmond's only functional medicine psychiatric practice-treating the underlying cause of mental health symptoms using an integrative and lifestyle medicine treatment approach.

Whole Body Treatment & Health Management

Instead of following a conventional treatment approach, RIPNS uses a Functional Medicine approach to uncover the root causes of your symptoms in order to work with you to addresses the dysfunction (aka “chronic disease”) that occurs when an individual’s genetic susceptibility, environmental exposures, and unhealthy lifestyles all intersect—as they do in varying ways for all of us. Our approach is different…

Personalized Treatment Plans

One size doesn’t fit all—especially in medicine. Our bodies all work in unique ways. Instead of solely prescribing medications to cover your symptoms, we prescribe personalized programs to help you heal. Learn More.

Nutritional Psychiatry

Ever hear the term “Brain Food”? Food and your brain and very closely linked. Nutritional Psychiatry aims to better utilize that link to help you feel better—physically and mentally. Find out how.

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is an approach that we use to consider a variety of external factors that contribute to your overall health such as medical history, lifestyle, and environment. This is a unique and effective approach to healing. Book now.

Collaboration. Education. Facilitation.

Our combined training and expertise in psychiatry, nutrition, and functional medicine makes us uniquely qualified to offer our patients a highly integrative whole body approach to mental health services.

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