Our practice is Richmond's only functional medicine psychiatric practice-treating the underlying cause of mental health symptoms using an integrative and lifestyle medicine treatment approach.

Our practice is Richmond's only functional medicine psychiatric practice-treating the underlying cause of mental health symptoms using an integrative and lifestyle medicine treatment approach.

Whole Body Treatment & Health Management

Instead of following a conventional treatment approach, RIPNS uses a Functional Medicine approach to uncover the root causes of your symptoms in order to work with you to address the dysfunction (aka “chronic disease”) that occurs when an individual’s genetic susceptibility, environmental exposures, and unhealthy lifestyles all intersect—as they do in varying ways for all of us. Our approach is different…

Personalized Treatment Plans

One size doesn’t fit all—especially in medicine. Our bodies all work in unique ways. Instead of solely prescribing medications to cover your symptoms, we prescribe personalized programs to help you heal. Learn More.

Nutritional Psychiatry

Ever hear the term “Brain Food”? Food and your brain and very closely linked. Nutritional Psychiatry aims to better utilize that link to help you feel better—physically and mentally. Find out how.

Integrative Dermatology

Just as chronic skin conditions often cause psychological distress such as anxiety and depressions, the reverse is true too: skin conditions can be exacerbated by what is going on in the mind. Learn More.

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is an approach that we use to consider a variety of external factors that contribute to your overall health such as medical history, lifestyle, and environment. By uncovering the root-cause of mental health symptoms they can then be treated using integrative and holistic treatments. This is a unique and effective approach to healing. Book now.

Collaboration. Education. Facilitation.

Our combined training and expertise in psychiatry, nutrition, and functional medicine makes us uniquely qualified to offer our patients a highly integrative whole body approach to mental health services.

Just to paint the picture, I am a successful person with LD, ADHD, OCD and Periodic Depression.  Over the years I have had to leave jobs and have had times that cost opportunities in my life and have been restricted by the conditions.  My philosophy has been, it is a brain function thing ..maybe along with a problem with my birth and genes.  I have looked for someone like Ashley for years to work with me on just those factors.  We have been working for a year and last week I had a 40-year-old brain (in a 60 plus body)!  Things have drastically changed over the last year.  Just a few things, I don’t have to return to my office every time I leave to check the doors.  I can accept invitations at the last minute, dress and go without feeling totally out of place, visit without feeling like I have to leave, no more night terrors and have escaped constant obsessive worry.  This is due to Ashley’s compassion, knowledge, and clinical ability and I will be forever grateful to her.  Last year was the best of my life and this year is wrapping up that way too!  I highly recommend her as the person at the top of your list of medical collaborators and clinicians, you can only count on more of everything in your life.  Many thanks for your professional guidance, solutions and steady care.  Today all of my life exceeds my expectations, let’s see what happens next year!

- Anonymous and Indescribably Grateful

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November 9, 2018

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