Amy Black, NP, IFMCP

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About Amy Black, NP, IFMCP Nurse Practitioner

My career as a nurse practitioner over the last 15 years has given me the opportunity to work in various specialties including neurology, pain management, and my biggest love– dermatology.  I have been fascinated and intrigued about what I have learned about our body’s largest organ– the skin- over the last 11 years- and how it truly is a window into the state of our general health and wellness. I completed my certification as a practitioner of functional medicine through the Institute of Functional Medicine in 2018 so that I could learn how to treat my patients with serious skin issues without having to rely solely on toxic medications– and learn about the tools I needed to be able to dig deeper to uncover the root causes of their skin problems. By taking an “inside-out” approach–meaning addressing a person’s source of inflammation and healing their gut first–  many skin issues such as eczema, acne, hives, and rashes resolve on their own.  For other more serious dermatological issues a functional medicine approach along with medication management can help reduce the severity of symptoms as well as reduce the dose or frequency of medication needed.

The link between dermatology and mental health is also a big interest of mine, as  more often than not I see my patients struggling with symptoms in both areas.  This is why I am thrilled to be a part of the team at Richmond Integrative Psychiatric & Nutrition Services.  A collaborative and integrative approach to managing skin issues in a practice that focuses on mental health treatment affords me a unique opportunity to help individuals who otherwise would need to seek out dermatology and mental health services separately.

A few years ago, I started making my own product line- Junebee Skincare.  I have enjoyed learning how to use organic butters, oils and herbs to make safer and effective skin care products.  I also enjoy spending time with my husband and my young son, Max, cooking and gardening.

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